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Empowering the environment with a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and project developer, with specialist expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions reduction that will assist on your journey towards certification.

& action

EnergyLink Services is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm and project developer with specialist expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions.


We have demonstrated experience providing tailored advisory and assurance services to corporations and government bodies across the energy and sustainability sectors.

We are passionate towards helping our clients reduce their energy consumption and to undergo energy efficiency upgrades that are part of the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and also the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU).

We follow the National Greenhouse and Energy (NGER) Act for reporting efficiency and we are the only authorised auditor in Australia.

As Climate Active Registered Consultants, our four in-house team members can help your business on its journey towards net-zero emissions through the government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification.




In-house multi-disciplinary consultants including engineering, economic, financial, scientific and legal experts can help identify, cost and facilitate in energy installation initiatives.

Tailored and innovative solutions to unlock the opportunity and mitigate risks associated with transition by developing a strategy in relation to your energy and emission requirements.

Our team has demonstrated experience in auditing and assurance, offering services across a range of voluntary and mandatory carbon and energy reporting programs.


Empowering our environment

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Energy and sustainability are ever-evolving industries. As we learn more about how our actions impact our earth and climate, there is an increasing need to stay informed on how best to avoid, mitigate or minimise this impact.

Our team of experts can provide bespoke energy and sustainability training tailored from C-Suite professionals to sustainability practitioners to daily operational staff.