Empowering the environment

EnergyLink Services is a multi-disciplinary, specialist, renewable energy and energy efficiency consultancy and project developer.

We have demonstrated experience providing advisory and assurance services to corporations and government across energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability


Audit & Assurance

EnergyLink Services has demonstrated experience in audit and assurance, offering services across a range of voluntary and mandatory carbon and energy reporting programs.



The energy sector is in a state of transition and with that comes opportunity and risk.  EnergyLink Services can offer tailored and innovative solutions to unlock the opportunity and mitigate risks associated with this transition by developing a comprehensive strategy in relation to your energy and emissions management needs.


Project Implementation & Support

EnergyLink Services’ in house, multi-disciplinary team including engineering, economic/financial, scientific and legal expertise can help to identify, cost and facilitate the installation of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.