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Media Release: GreenCollar’s strategic investment in EnergyLink Services creates an ‘end to end’ service for businesses seeking to decarbonise

Australia’s largest environmental markets developer and investor, GreenCollar, has made an investment in carbon, energy and sustainability-focused advisory firm, EnergyLink Services, forging a strategic partnership that will increase end-to-end services to business, particularly agribusiness, in their efforts to decarbonise, satisfy net zero commitments, assess and mitigate impact on nature. 


“GreenCollar and EnergyLink Services have been working together closely for a long time now. It made perfect sense to streamline our operations so clients can come to one organisation to develop comprehensive on-farm decarbonisation strategies that maximise value while improving biodiversity, carbon stock and maintaining or increasing productivity,” said GreenCollar Chief Strategy Officer, Pierre Josset.  


“For example, our new partnership will be able to cover everything from emissions baselining to assessment for reduction in energy and carbon footprints, carbon revenue potential, project development, decarbonisation strategy and implementation plans, action plans for opportunities and monitoring and verification of energy savings.” 


In combination with the environmental services provided by GreenCollar’s nature-based land management projects, EnergyLink Services brings its significant expertise in establishing energy and carbon inventories, recommending energy efficiency improvements, designing fuel switching and electrification options and establishing contracts to procure renewable energy for small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporates across a diversity of sectors.  


“This convergence of our organisations means we can build on our values-driven approach to prepare businesses for the low carbon and nature-led transition by maximising EnergyLink’s engineering and GreenCollar’s environmental market and finance expertise,” said EnergyLink Services CEO, Philip Link.


“This partnership means we can better assist sectors including heavy industry, food and beverage and manufacturing, by providing end-to-end services leveraging an array of environmental services, markets and products.” 


Mr Link pointed out that farmers are increasingly wanting to understand how to identify and calculate the Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse emissions associated with their operations. This demand for knowledge and advice is being driven by the buyers of their products, including Coles and Woolworths, industry groups such as Meat and Livestock Australia, investors and end users.  


“Many farmers are understandably worried about what this means for their business, but are also having the benefits of ‘carbon market’ participation promoted to them,” he said. “Both GreenCollar and EnergyLink Services have deep experience and expertise in the agriculture sector which, when combined, means we can supply a one stop set of services that address the overall objective of decarbonisation and carbon market participation.” 


Mr Josset said that the new partnership provides significant advantages for both organisations: “Both our organisations will be able to expand our market reach and increase our level of service delivery, plus we will be able to invest in and design technology solutions to support decarbonisation plans.” 


He said EnergyLink Services would provide support to maintain GreenCollar’s accreditations in state-based energy efficiency schemes while being able to leverage its knowledge, processes and capabilities to uplift and improve their internal business infrastructure.

EnergyLink Services is extremely excited about this new partnership. Give us a call on the number below if you'd like to learn more about our services and how we can assist you business in its efforts to achieve a net zero future.


About EnergyLink Services  

EnergyLink Services is a carbon, energy and sustainability-focused advisory firm. EnergyLink Services specialises in identifying the opportunities and risks associated with the low carbon transition, providing a suite of services including the development of net zero strategies, completion of energy assessments, carbon and energy project feasibility, design and implementation. These services have been delivered to ASX100 industrials, agriculture, food and beverage manufacturers, airlines and governments, extending across rural and regional Australia. EnergyLink Services specialise in unlocking funding from government programs and market-based schemes, such as the Federal Government’s ACCU Scheme, NSW ESS, Victoria’s VEU and the RET. 


About GreenCollar  

GreenCollar was founded in 2011 as a conservation-driven profit-for-purpose organisation, and is now the leading environmental markets project developer and investor in Australia across the carbon, water quality, biodiversity and plastics markets. GreenCollar works with landowners and managers throughout Australia to develop projects that create commercial opportunities by generating environmental credits, while caring for the environment. GreenCollar’s management team was fundamental in helping to establish Australia’s carbon market framework, as well as Queensland’s Reef Credit program, and are widely recognised as thought leaders in the carbon and biodiversity markets industry. 


Enquiries: Philip Link 0422 860 845 or


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