Leigh Creek, SA

November 2020 - ongoing


Project Description

NeuRizer is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed fertiliser manufacturer headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. The company is focused on developing its keystone urea manufacturing facility, known as the NeuRizer (NRZ) Urea Project (NRUP). The project will produce low-cost, high-quality nitrogen-based granular urea (fertiliser) using ISG technology. The urea synthesis and production process will consume large quantities of carbon dioxide gas generated during the syngas production process, with excess CO2 being captured and stored by geo-sequestration.

NRZ was seeking certification for its organisation during its construction phase and moving forward through its operation phase rather than waiting until 2025 to become carbon neutral. NRZ has strong ESG commitments, making it a leader in the fertiliser industry. One of the ESG commitments is to reduce its impact on Climate Change. To this end, NRZ approached EnergyLink Services to take them through the process of becoming a carbon neutral organisation under the Australian Government’s Climate Active standard.

EnergyLink Services worked with the NRZ management team to set emissions boundaries and forecast the organisation’s GHG emissions inventory for FY2021/2022. Our team of registered Climate Active consultants prepared all of the relevant documentation, including a public disclosure statement for submissions to Climate Active, culminating in the issuance of the formal Notice of Initial Certification by Climate Active. Moreover, our carbon market specialist advised and facilitated the surrender of offsets by NRZ. As a result, NRZ took a big step and became the first fertiliser organisation in Australia to achieve carbon-neutral status for its business operations. NRZ will be offsetting all the relevant Scope 3 emissions related to the FEED and construction of the NRUP while taking action on its own Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

In July 2022, NRZ and EnergyLink Services will complete a True-up exercise and continue to develop plans to reduce GHG emissions and maintain the carbon neutral status for the following financial year.

Key Results

  1. Certified by Climate Active as a Carbon Neutral Organisation.

  2. NRZ has become the first fertiliser manufacturer in Australia to achieve carbon-neutral status for its business operations.

  3. Taking ownership for GHG emissions throughout the FEED and construction phases of the organisation

Associated Services


EnergyLink Services were approached by NeuRizer to have its operations certified as Carbon Neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active standard. NeuRizer is an ASX listed company who are constructing an urea manufacturing facility in Leigh Creek (SA), known as the NeuRizer Urea Project. The project has a clear pathway to produce a carbon neutral fertiliser by 2025, but the company felt it was important not to wait and reduce its impact on climate change throughout the construction phase and continue the commitment when fully operational.

Partnering with EnergyLink Services has given us the expertise needed to assist NeuRizer in achieving Climate Active Certification. The ELS team have exceptional knowledge in this area and are certainly leaders in this space. Their core team have coached and mentored the NeuRizer group through this ever-evolving platform. We look forward to continuing this partnership with ELS through to the commercial phase of our project.

Noreen Byrne, Chief Sustainability Officer