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What is

Climate Active?

Climate Active is Australia’s collective initiative (between Australian government and Australian businesses) for climate action. The brand represents Australia’s collective effort to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions to lessen our negative impact on the environment.

Climate Active


Commit to Change

EnergyLink Services has trained Climate Active registered consultants who can help your business achieve certification under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. 


The Climate Active carbon neutral certification will demonstrate to your clients, customers and stakeholders that your company is serious about taking positive actions against climate change. Achieving your carbon neutral certification is the first step on your journey to reduce GHG emissions. EnergyLink Services' team of specialist carbon consultants can work with your team to identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions and set emissions reduction targets aligned with the Science Based Target initiative.

Show your Commitment to Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change

Collaborate with our Climate Active Registered Consultants, each hand selected to be a specialist in their chosen field.

Meet Our Climate Active Registered Consultants

With their guidance, your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future is in the most capable hands. Join us as we collaborate with our seasoned consultants to shape a world that thrives harmoniously with nature.

Guiding You Through Your Sustainable Journey

We take pride in our exceptional team of Climate Active Registered Consultants. With a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, our consultants lead the charge in guiding companies towards achieving carbon neutral organisation certifications as well as carbon neutral product or service certifications.

Introducing Our Exceptional Team

Carbon Neutral Commitment

Leading by Example: At EnergyLink Services, sustainability isn't just a concept – it's a core value ingrained in our identity. Since 2019, we've proudly held the certification of a carbon neutral organisation, demonstrating our dedication to walking the talk. Building upon this foundation, we've extended our commitment by offering carbon neutral services since 2021.

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