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Australians all have a role to play in protecting our unique and fragile environment. Climate Active is enabling individuals, businesses and government to work together to protect our climate now and for the future.

Over 250

Climate Active carbon neutral certificates issued

22m+ tCO2-e

Total combined offset by EnergyLinks Services projects.

Over 50%

Increase in certifications over the last 12 months

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What is Climate Active

Climate Active certification is awarded to Australian businesses that have met rigorous requirements to achieve net zero carbon emissions. This requires a business to credibly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets that benefit the environment.

Making a Difference

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges – and greatest opportunities – facing Australia today. Some of the nation’s best-known organisations are taking action to ensure Australia meets its carbon reduction commitments and they are well placed to grow and compete in a low emissions future.


Climate Active certification sends a clear signal that your business is serious about addressing climate change and is committed to sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership.

22 million

Tons of CO2 Saved

Be Active - Be Certified

Climate active certification demonstrates to your clients, customers and shareholders that your organisation is serious about taking positive action on climate change.

The Climate Active logo is a simple way of knowing whether the businesses you support are committed to addressing climate change. Find out more about how EnergyLink Services can advise, assist and take the strain away from your energy management.

Climate Active figures correct as of May 2021 -