Our Team


Multi-disciplinary assistance

EnergyLink Services’ in house multi-disciplinary team including engineering, economic, scientific and legal expertise will assist you to identify and implement robust energy and carbon strategies.

Philip Link


Philip has 15 years experience in management consulting, advisory and assurance across vastly diverse interests within clean tech: from carbon management, energy efficiency, renewable energy and biofuels, sustainability & climate disclosure and economic & cost benefit analysis.


Philip has formal qualifications in economics & environmental management and is EnergyLink Services’ Managing Director.

Michael Hallam


Michael is a renewable energy and energy efficiency engineer with formal qualifications in engineering and finance and has experience completing audit & assurance engagements as well as consulting in areas such as solar resource assessment, project feasibility & cost benefit analysis, ACP / AP Accreditations, Emissions Reduction Fund eligibility / registration / reporting, NGER compliance, energy management planning & modelling, monitoring & verification and project management.


Michael is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Rodrigo Pardo


Rodrigo has formal qualifications in project management, environmental management and chemical engineering.  He has over 10 years of experience in energy efficiency, management, consulting, auditing and assurance.


Rodrigo is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), an accredited Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) Auditor under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme and an Approved Measurement and Verification Professional (AM&VP) for the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) project-based activities methods.

Mark Wallace


Mark has 9 years of experience working with IoT, energy management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and GHG accounting. Over this time, he has assessed feasibility and business cases for solar, battery storage, thermal storage, energy efficiency, electrification of process heat, biogas generation and consumption, and hydrogen generation and consumption.


Mark has formal qualifications in engineering and project management. He is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).


In his work, Mark strives for positive client outcomes that will future-proof their business.

Victoria Lambert


Victoria is a highly qualified professional with over twenty years of experience and a passion for sustainability and a clean energy future. She has key expertise in environmental engineering and data analysis focusing on carbon emissions estimation and abatement, sustainability, environmental impact assessment, environmental modelling, and reporting.


Victoria has formal qualifications in engineering, data analytics and a PhD in optimisation.

Victoria also has experience in process engineering design, process simulation and modelling.

Brandon Melyadi


Brandon is a civil engineer at EnergyLink Services. He has formal qualifications in engineering from the University of New South Wales, and has experience completing audit & assurance engagements as well as consulting. Prior to graduating, he has been an intern at EnergyLink Services since 2018. 


He has a keen interest in climate change policy and the technological advancements in renewable energy to fight the world's environmental crisis.

Sharon Maloba


Sharon is an energy consultant at EnergyLink Services with experience in oil, gas and energy management. With formal qualifications in Science and Engineering, as well as a Management, Sharon has experience performing energy audits across energy intensive industries and identifying opportunities where they can be more energy efficient.  


She is a highly enthusiastic energy engineer who exhibits vast knowledge of renewable energy technologies with a passion for addressing high carbon challenges facing society. 

Kathleen Kocaj


Kathleen is the glue that holds EnergyLink Services together. Providing support with recruitment, induction and management of staff, managing budgets, performance reporting and risk management.


Kathleen not only helps assist with the day to day by providing seamless operational support, but also drives transformational change ensuring efficiencies are developed across EnergyLink Services to ensure continual improvement.

Empowering the environment with a multi-disciplinary consulting team with specialist expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions.

Dorota Bacal


Dorota is an Advisor to EnergyLink Services. She has formal qualifications in Physics, Sustainability Business Management and a PhD in Chemical Engineering. She provides strategic oversight and assistance to the core EnergyLink Services team across all three pillars of our operations.


Dorota has extensive experience completing assurance engagements and consulted to a full suite of corporations across voluntary and mandatory schemes such as the NSW ESS, VIC VEU, Climate Active, NGERs and the Safeguard Mechanism.

Vinnie Guedes


Vinnie is an environmental engineer at EnergyLink Services. He has formal qualifications in engineering and sustainable operations, and deep experience on leading strategies for improving water and energy efficiency in several industries.


His experience extends across all aspects of environmental management, project management, circular economy, and carbon strategies.


He believes in the power of business for making the world a better place, and strives to bring together productivity, technology, innovation, and environmental performance.

Ketti Ketmontri


Ketti is a junior consultant at EnergyLink Services. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Science at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Renewable Energy Engineering and Ecology. Ketti has experience in completing energy assessments in the agricultural sector and ESS audit engagements. She has a broad understanding of the various aspects of sustainability, with a deep focus on biodiversity and ecosystem interactions as well as emission calculations.

Ketti is passionate about helping the world move towards a more sustainable future.