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Webinar: Bridging the Price Gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

EnergyLink Services Pty Ltd prepared an extensive report for Bioenergy Australia addressing the topic of how we can bridge the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), the findings were discussed over a Webinar hosted by Bioenergy Australia! Check it out!

Last Thursday, 24th of March 2022, our Consulting Engineer Michael Hallam presented the findings from the "Bridging the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel" report that he co-authored alongside Philip Link and Sharon Maloba, and was commissioned by Bioenergy Australia and the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (SAFAANZ).

After the presentation, Michael was joined by representatives from Boeing, Neste, Sydney Airport, and Qantas for an interactive panel session to discuss the topics covered.

Currently, SAF makes up less than 1% of the global aviation fuel supply! A massive opportunity ahead, but the major roadblock to its expansion is the high cost compared to a fossil-derived equivalent. So, how can we bridge the price gap of SAF? and how can Australia make SAF more attractive to the aviation sector?

Watch the webinar and read the "Bridging the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel" report to find out how.


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