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Renewables in Agriculture Conference

EnergyLink Services is empowering Australia's Agribusiness to decarbonise

We have had the pleasure of working with over 50 primary producers and agribusinesses. Our work has included energy audits, energy efficiency opportunity identification, renewable energy feasibility, carbon market participation and net-zero strategies.


Types of farms we've worked with:

Dairy Farming


Fruit and Tree Nut Growers

Sheep and Beef Cattle

Irrigated Grain Farming

Turf farming

Broadacre Farming

Vineyards and Wineries

Horticultural Farm




Net Zero Strategies

We believe a net zero strategy that will drive real impact within a business should be built from the ground up. Starting with available technologies today which are proven today and looking forward to opportunities on the horizon that are being developed by organisations within the industry, so they understand an industry's pain points.

At EnergyLink Services we believe our job does not end once we have developed a net zero strategy. We believe our true success is when a business actions the opportunities we have put forth as the path to net zero emissions.


Renewable Energy Assessments

EnergyLink Services have completed renewable energy and feasibility studies for:

  • Solar PV, battery and thermal storage

  • Biogas

  • Hydrogen

  • Biodiesel

  • Pyrolysis (Biochar)


Energy and Carbon Market Participation

With our experienced measurement and verification professionals and channel partners we can assist you with participating in energy and carbon markets to get your renewable energy or energy efficiency project off the ground.

Experience with:

  • NSW Energy Saving Scheme

  • Victorian Energy Upgrade Program

  • Emissions reduction Fund

  • Puro.Earth

  • Verra

Projects we are involved in:

  • Nowra Biogas Hub - 16 dairy farms integrated into a centralised biogas facility

  • Agricultural waste to energy project in Anakie, Victoria

  • Feed additive in dairy cows to reduce enteric methane in South Australia and Victoria

  • Solar and battery on dairy farms in Victoria

  • Biomass boilers in Poultry Sheds in Victoria

  • LED lighting upgrades in NSW


Energy Audits

EnergyLink Services has completed over 40 Type-2 energy audits on farms. Energy audits are fantastic tool to understand a farm's energy profiles (electricity, gas and diesel), demand and significant energy users. Having a detailed analysis of energy use enables us to evaluate a farm’s performance in relation to its peers and industry benchmarks, and identify co-benefits to improve the sustainability of the farms.

EnergyLink Services then develops business cases to improve energy efficiency for electricity, LPG, natural gas and diesel. Our business cases include implementation costs, total cost of ownership, energy savings, non-energy savings and payback periods for selected energy savings opportunities.


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