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Moonlight Cinema's 'Greener Screenings' Initiative

What was good, got better! You and the loved ones can enjoy a movie free of guilt, knowing that Moonlight Cinema took a step forward for a better world this summer.

EnergyLink Services is proud to be working with Event Cinemas to achieve its industry leading 'Greener Screenings’ initiative. As part of the initiative, the Moonlight Cinema screenings over the 2021/2022 summer will be powered with 100% renewable energy thanks for its green partnership with Garnier.

The initiative will also involve the integration of paperless ticketing, recycling stations and the use of biodegradable materials at all Moonlight cinema venues.

EnergyLink Services have been engaged by Event Cinemas to provide technical assistance and facilitate the delivery of the project. The renewable energy claim has been achieved in practice through Event’s purchase and surrender of renewable energy large-scale generation certificates, known as LGC’s, from the Atlas Renewables Pivotel Satellite solar project in Dubbo, NSW. We are happy to have brought Atlas Renewables to this great initiative.

The quantum of LGCs surrendered is equivalent to the forecasted electricity consumption of all Moonlight Cinema venues over the 2021/22 summer screening season. With a true-up exercise to be completed at the end of the season.

Let's grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy watching a movie under the beautiful Australian sky! Together we can keep it as clean as it can be! Together, for a better world.


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