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NSW Government Dumps Malcolm Turnbull

In the space of a week at the start of April, former Liberal Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull was appointed as the chair of the NSW Net-Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board, only to be axed a week later from the position.

The announcement coincided with a letter penned by Turnbull and his wife Lucy to the NSW Government objecting the expansion of a coal mine in the Upper Hunter, as concerned landowners in the region. This caused backlash amongst the Coalition, with NSW State Environment Minister Matt Kean coming out and advising that “no person’s role should distract from achieving results for the NSW people”.

Turnbull was quick to blame his axing on "the right-wing media ecosystem", however Premier Gladys Berejiklian quickly stated that “the decision was made and we all move forward”.

The purpose of the NSW Net-Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board is to create jobs in low carbon industries that allow for a growth in the states’ economy and reduce emissions.


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