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Zilch Forwarding

South Yarra, VIC

August 2021 - ongoing

Zilch Forwarding
Zilch Forwarding
Zilch Forwarding

Project Description

Zilch Forwarding (Zilch) is an organisation that facilitates the transportation of goods on behalf of customers through air, land, and sea freight solutions that are owned and operated by third parties. EnergyLink Services worked with Zilch Forwarding to define a freight forwarding emissions boundary leveraging the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework. EnergyLink Services prepared a carbon inventory for Zilch based on relevant emissions sources for both the Organisation and Service certification, including emissions from moving freight for customers, fuel consumption, and electricity consumption. EnergyLink Services quantified Zilch’s emissions and forecasted the emissions for freight transport for customers based on estimated uptake for the reporting period. Finally, we prepared all of the relevant documentation, including a public disclosure statement for submission to Climate Active, culminating in the issuance of the formal Notice of Initial Certification by Climate Active.

Key Results

  1. 814 tCO2-e  carbon emissions offsetted

  2. Achieved an important milestone in decarbonising the transportation and logistics sector

  3. Pioneering sustainable supply chains and accelerating the transition to cleaner freight forwarding

Associated Services


Zilch Forwarding (Zilch) understands that freight transportation is almost exclusively powered by fossil fuels and that the global logistics sector needs to act fast. Therefore, Zilch approached EnergyLink Services to provide them with the guidance to become carbon neutral under the Climate Active standard, seeking certification for both the organisation and the service provided.

We identify that the global logistics sector needs to act and fast. Going carbon neutral makes a lot of sense for Zilch and Climate Active is the benchmark certification to do so.

Michael Blake, Founder & CEO

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