Submetering Grants for NSW Businesses

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As part of the NSW government’s 2030 Net Zero commitment, Energy Saver NSW released a grant program on July 11th to support NSW businesses with the purchase and installation of metering and monitoring equipment. The grant will provide 50% (max. $20,000) of the costs incurred in installing a submetering system for businesses that spend more than $200,000 per annum on energy bills.

Data from submetering systems offer opportunities to improve a business’ energy efficiency practices and develop business cases for capital investments into renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. However, it is often hard for organisations to develop business cases for the installation of the metering and monitoring equipment that will enable the identification of these opportunities. This is a fantastic opportunity to receive grant funding for these technologies. Installing metering and monitoring can assist with the following activities (amongst others):

  • Identify unknown energy losses

  • Determine industrial heat pump opportunities

  • Monitoring central plant efficiency and optimise boiler and chiller controls

  • Identify energy losses in the air compressor systems

  • Optimise SCADA systems to reduce energy surges, identify equipment malfunctions and improve throughput

  • Monitoring energy performance for a project you may be considering for registration with the NSW Energy Saving Scheme

Applications for the program opened on 11th July 2022 and will close on 2nd December 2022, with grants offered on a first come, first serve basis. The grant funding can be used for projects such as:

  • Costs to install and commission permanent submeters that are required for measuring energy performance

  • Hardware and integration with the software needed to monitor energy use

EnergyLink Services is ready to guide and aid your business in taking advantage of this fantastic program. Our qualified team members have CMVP and PIAM&V qualifications under the ESS with extensive experience in energy system monitoring, implementation, and verification. Producing value for our customers by leveraging solutions ranging from installing energy efficiency technologies to implementing and monitoring energy monitoring systems for use in complex, high-energy use applications.

Please reach out if you would like assistance with taking advantage of this energy efficiency grant program by contacting our Principal Consultant Mark Wallace at For full details of the program please follow

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